Vastushastra Mastery Course

Vastushastra Mastery Course

Have you heard about Vastushastra Mastery Course?

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Vastushastra Mastery Course is all about Vastu. Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture originating in India which literally translates to “Science of architecture.”

Vastushastra is an architectural encyclopedia from the Vedic age, which explains room sizes, columns, heights, etc to even a layman, as there were no architects or engineers at those times.

Sages had written this shastra to solve common men’s problems of stable and sturdy homes. Most of Vastushastra tenets are based on the climatology and lifestyle of the Indians.

Vastushastra Mastery Course for architects
Compass for Directions

There are thousands of tentative plans in this software that comes with maximum accuracy. Therefore, this software almost guarantees an accurate assessment of each and every evaluation. 

Vastu is chiefly a scientific draft, but it is coated with religion mainly because during those days religion was the vehicle of communication.

Vastushastra has a sound scientific basis, which makes it relevant even today. It is a science that helps us utilize the positive energies exerted by natural forces to improve our mental and physical efficiency.

Vastushastra is based on four elements – Sun energy, Earth’s Magnetic field, Wind Energy, and Earth’s gravitational force. These energies have both negative and positive components.

In this course, we are going to demystify the tenets of Vastu Shastra step by step with the help of rational evaluation based on science, and in turn totally detach it from religion and astrology, caste, creed, and age.

Vastushastra recommends blocking out the negative energies and exploiting positive energies. Therefore, Vastushastra is like a two-edged sword. Never use it from half-knowledge

Vastushastra has fascinated some and irritated others but has intrigued everybody. This ancient science deals with architecture at material and psychological levels. Vaastushastra tenets have a strong scientific and even sociological basis, which is applicable even today.

It acts in the same way as a vitamin pill – if a person is down the pill gives him energy. Vastu gives support both mentally and physically. If a person is fit and it makes him even more energetic and prosperous.

Vastushastra deals with the allocation of positive and negative energies, which can be done easily at the micro-level. Following Vaastu tenets usually does not mean spending a large amount of money.

The defense of the elements in Vastu, popularity considered superstition, does not mean one should forget the idea of a safety mechanism. Most of the time Vastushastra talks essentially of ‘possibility’, not ‘eventuality’. The threat is made to look ominous and eventual so you don’t break the rule and risk suffering.

Warnings and baits. If they had not been there, Vaastu would not have survived all these years and the generation that came and went has left the science intact.

The recommendations are user-friendly. They invite client participation with an enlightened approach to even the mundane and routine domestic activity. This is the first time that anyone is offering such fully computerized services.

In this course, you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your knowledge and skills as Vastuadvisor and help you to make name fame and money as Vastuadvisor.

It’s a course of more than 145 minutes one of the longest duration you will ever come across. You can read 300 pages related to Vastu Shastra. Nowadays everyone can learn online so this course can be accessed online 24X7

It’s covering all types of structures like residences, offices, hotels & restaurants, industry, and shops.

In this course, you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your knowledge and skills as Vastuadvisor and help you to make name fame and money as Vastuadvisor.

Vatushastra Mastery Course comprises 15 videos and an equal number of reading materials. It’s a course of more than 145 minutes one of the longest duration you will ever come across.

Busy professionals who wish to learn Vastu Shastra Mastery Course can learn from home in a short time frame.

Learn more about Vastushastra to prosper and excel in Life

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Vastushastra Mastery Course

A healthy home should follow the following rules for wealthy and happy family life:-

1. When sleeping on the bed, ensure you sleep with your head towards the south.

2. The center of the house should be empty or devoid of any heavy furniture.

3. Overhead beams should not run through the center of the house.

4. Elderly people are always more comfortable in the southwest corner.

5. Do not keep or hang paintings depicting war, crime, violence, unrest, agony, or distress.

6. Keep all electrical / heat-generating appliances in the southeast corner of the room.

7. It is good to hang a happy family picture or photograph inside your living room.

8. Never put a mirror in front of the bed or attached to the bed.

9. Your bedroom and bed should have a good vastu arrangement to support your personal energy.

10. According to vastu placing clocks in the north or northeast direction will bring health, wealth, and prosperity.

11. Check the sound of your doorbell. If it sounds irritating, family members will be short-tempered. The doorbell should be soothing and pleasing.

12. Wooden beds without boxes (for storage) are the best for sleeping.