Portal Development

Portal Development

I  have hosted the 360-degree Healthcare website about health and blogs regularly on different topics about health for more than three years.

I had hosted a portal (esynapse.in) for Doctors having functionalities like Patient Registration, Patient History, Patient Visits, Scheduling Appointment, Repository for Doctors, e-Library to share with other registered doctors, Forum to participate on health-related topics, research and many more functions for doctors clinic Management.

esynapse was then converted into local software which had more functionalities like sending SMS on the day of the appointment, Inventory Management, Etc.,

Recently hosted cloud solution for restaurants, food packaging industry, caterers, and all associated with food.

The restaurant’s complete cycle from buying food items, vegetables, and all ingredients to finished product to serve is catered in this solution which also includes a gallery to display all items served as well as recipe preparation videos can also be uploaded and links can be provided in the gallery.

I have Designed, Developed, and hosted websites for different types of businesses like doctors, Architects, Manufacturers, Dharamshala, Jain Religion, Etc.,