I am in the second phase of my life ( Its actual rebirth ) living in South Mumbai since day one. I am right leg on a knee amputee. My movement is very limited as I have two plates on my left leg and one above my left eye. I work from home as a freelancer and also as Data Mining Consultant on a project basis.

My first phase was very busy since I use to work for almost 12-14 hours every day. I am in the Information Technology field since 1980. I have traveled in most of the cities of India for various projects of private companies, MNC’s and for e-governance, and Dubai in the late ’80s.

I use to go swimming every day at 5.30 am since my school days are all days of the year irrespective of the season. My attendance at work was always 100% every year. I never had any health issues during this phase.

I successfully implemented all projects whether small value, Semi-government, MNC, or statewide projects with the help of my team although I was from the pre-sales team.

I use to play cricket, chess, various open ground games, and card games like Bridge regularly since my school days. I was always very active and took part in sports regularly. I always had the first rank in studies. I read books by Ayn Rand and Fountainhead is one of my favorite books which I have read many times.

I lead a team of Software Developers, Testers, Marketing Executives, Engineers, and teams on the field for the registration of various projects with 100+ members, many software projects, and e-governance projects.

I met with a severe accident on 1st October 2015 at 5.30 am while crossing near Aquarium (Charni Road) when going for a regular morning walk. The accident was very severe and I was unconscious on the spot and I was in Coma for 45 days.

I was lucky that some people whom I used to see regularly while walking called an ambulance and took me to the hospital immediately and informed my brother as well.

I was admitted to Saifee Hospital where doctors admitted me after constant persuasion by my family members. My case was of a very serious nature and doctors had concluded that chances of survival were almost zero percent, hence they had not wanted to take any chance by admitting me.

I was in ICU for 86 days and during this period I was treated by five specialists who have worked day and night to save my life. 

The following are a few critical stages that I have gone through during my hospitalization.

A disability certificate from the Government hospital has certified that my disability is 86%.
( The above condition is permanent, non-progressive, and not likely to improve).

Second Phase of My Story

Today, my doctors are proud of me when they see me.

My story has inspired many till now, and hopefully I will inspire many in the future as well. Due to various health issues I have faced, I have started writing health-related posts regularly on my website.

For more than 4 years now, I have been posting regularly. Visit my website and learn everything about health since I have covered 360-degree information related to health. Since 2017, I have completed many courses related to Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, and Cyber Security. I hosted a course on Vastushastra on FIVERR.

Over the course of the last 3 years, I have been offering Clinic Management Software (online as well as offline) for Dentists, Dietitians, Dermatologists, and Physiotherapists from my startup, Mitras Infotech LLP where I am a partner.

I have hosted Human Capital for semi-government organizations.

I am confident that I can overcome all types of physical challenges that I am likely to face in the future.