First Blog Post

first blog post
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If you are enthusiastic You too can learn Digital Marketing

This is my first blog post on my personal website. I am blogging as a part of the internship program of batch 3 class I assignment.

I have been watching digital Marketing Webinars, Videos, and reading emails from various sources of so-called experts/mentors for the last two years for Digital Marketing. They were more interested in making money for themselves. Even paid webinars I have attended.

Believe me most of the people during their first webinar itself ask you to join their course with fees and in order to attract you to join they also announce freebies/bonuses which are of little help from a knowledge point of view.

Standard practice is to show higher fees and then for the webinar attendees, a special concessional offer is given to register for Digital Marketing Course at the end of the webinar.

Many do get attracted because of their charm, way of exhibiting their knowledge, and multiple times declare in a webinar that you will start earning thousands of dollars very soon month-on-month.

I am Giant from Mumbai, have been in the IT space for 40 years now. You can know more about me by visiting my story and about pages.

The above picture is my first interaction with Deepak in the year 2017 when I started taking interest in Digital Marketing. This mail will help you in concluding who’s a bigger FAN of Deepak and since when.

I have communicated with Deepak by email and also attended his free webinars a couple of years back and have been following him since then regularly. I have read many articles as well as read many e-books.

I have been blogging on my blog for 360-degree health-related information for more than 2 years but never thought that I can make a career in digital marketing or I can earn by blogging through many avenues.

This is the first time in Deepaks Webinar I have learned that he wants to genuinely help people to build their career in Digital Marketing without expecting any returns. Such a gesture you will not find in any field or by anyone, especially in this field.

In a digital marketing career, the future is bright, the scope is enormous, and Digital Marketing will expand in leaps and bounds over a period of time. Deepak’s initiative is commendable. Since it’s part of marketing its will always grow/increase necessarily.

Deepaks’ gesture of refunding fees to those who learn and submit the project in time with reference to the topics given their fees will be paid back after each project submission is really unique. NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A CONCEPT.

I was trying to understand where is the catch in this announcement. But on registration people started getting Bonus so I concluded that Deepak really wants people to learn and make a career in Digital Marketing and excel in their life by selecting their own niche.

No one is interested in helping others without getting back something in return ( Money). But for Deepak who wants to help people in building their career in Digital Marketing as an independent consultant or by joining some company at the cost of his time, energy, and money is unique.

I am sure lots of people will join Deepak’s noble gesture and help themselves to make a career and excel in the Digital Marketing field without incurring a penny.

All those who are keen to learn more about Digital Marketing should visit Deepaks Website and contact/mail him to know more about a career in Digital Marketing.

I am looking forward to this internship program and trying to learn as much as possible about Digital Marketing so that I can excel in my career and also make some money for myself.

I think by putting more hours on assignments given during the internship program as well as by viewing more videos and articles in this lockdown period I am sure everyone will be able to master Digital Marketing under Deepak’s guidance based on their interest and likings.

I wonder how many so-called mentors will learn from Deepak and will help more beginners as well as seniors who want to either change their profile or job for themselves.

This internship program is going to be a Game_Changer for all those who want to make a great living online. You have found one thing that can make all the difference for you so give your best for yourself and for your future